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My name is Amy Hutton.

I’m 67 now, but when I was five, one morning I woke up to see my grandfather at the foot of my bed. He just smiled broadly at me. Then downstairs I heard crying and my dad came up to tell me my grandfather (his dad) had passed away. I’ve had countless experiences since that day. Especially from my grandfather, Ed.

I spent some time with a paranormal group in my 20s as a trance medium. Was very good at it, but spirits tended to follow me home. Some sitting in the backseat of my car. I don’t do trance work much anymore. Don’t need to with all the electronics out there.

I’ve had so many contacts I can’t remember them all. They whisper in my ear as I am going to sleep (sometimes I feel their breath.) They walk by the foot of my bed. The do things like roll a tennis ball (that I don’t remember having) down the bedroom floor.

I found out years after he died that my dad was interested in after death communication. One day the phone rang and he said “It’s Your Father.” that’s all. I tracked back the number and called it but it was disconnected.

In 2003 of one of my 21 kids, Ethan, who was 13 and had Down Syndrome died right in front of everyone. We were devastated. A day after he died I had a “dream” where my husband (an unbeliever) and I were in a small room in ?heaven? with two people and Ethan was sitting on the floor crying his eyes out. Broke my heart I wanted to hug him. We were obviously there to help him in the crossover period. But my husband got scared and wanted to come back. I told him “We’ve been given a chance to see our son again, and I’m going to take it.” But immediately I was back in bed. I’ve had further contact from him both physically and electronically over the years. (None of which my husband will believe, sadly.)

I read the aura of a woman I knew and it was angry red. I told her to get her heart checked out as soon as possible. She didn’t and died a week later. Another woman asked for a hint in a horse race. I saw 4 red roses and told her. The next week she thanked me. She won $500 on a horse named Four Roses. Had to put an end to folks she knew calling me for tips after that!

I have had many people on the other side come to me when I’m trying to sleep and ask me to give their loved ones messages. Mostly to people I don’t know and have no way of contacting! Some nights sleeping is difficult.

When I found EVPmaker I was in heaven (well not in the real heaven!) The very first contact using that amazing software was “Please Think of Us as Normal People.”

You can hear that audio and several more in the section named EVPMAKER FILES. (all are copyrighted.) Please do not copy or post anywhere else!

I’ve also had success at using a regular camera and a non digital tv. Doesn’t seem to work as well with the digital tvs we have now.

Keep coming back for new stuff.

Amy Hutton

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