A Message For Emma (PX)

July 12, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

I had some free time this afternoon.  I explained to the spirits ab out my blog and how I hoped to help people to connect with their loved ones through it.  I didn’t know if anyone on such a fast notice would come through.  I did get someone coming through for someone apparently named “EMMA.”  Her name is mentioned three times in the entire  file. Here’s a recording of that experiment: (Some of it is irrelevant.)

Listen to it several times.  It appears to be about a soldier in combat who was murdered. Words like Soldier and pronounced more like Sol Die Er. Other words are equally dissected.

He wants to tell her to get therapy. Note: When I hear “blessed all” which isn’t in the PX dictionary, I know the message is real. When I don’t hear “blessed all” it’s usually jibberish.

Next time I”ll remember to turn off my mail notifications. There’s always going to be background noise in my home.  We still have 9 of our 17 children at home, and although they are young adults now, it’s still noisy. :)

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