A recent PX communication

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My friend called me in 2013 and told me that her husband had died a couple months before.  She wanted to know how he was.

Not wanting to do a trance, and not certain of the verity of the results if I didn’t, I picked up my goto device, the PX, and simply asked for him to come talk using it.

I didn’t record it.  Didn’t want to take the time to do that.  Here’s what I wrote down during the transmission:

Curious Tale
Drummer Person
(was he a drummer? I forgot to ask)

stomach gone
feel restored, blessed, still questions

(all consistent for having crossed over into a new healthy spirit body.)

Shift, Spin, Fell on…
include classic type
Soft turn 70

I wrote her back with the results and asked for clarification.  The story was that he had gone to the doctors office where he had been declared free of cancer.  He was told he was cancer free in the AM and at 4 pm he miss-
stepped the last step coming down the stairs and fell on his hip. He was turning 70 that day.

He was taken to the hospital where a few days later he had a stroke (A  common happening after breaking a hip in the older person,) He was eventually sent home where he wouldn’t eat for two months.  His weight went from 210 to 140 when he died.

Very sad. But we do live on.  Death is not an end in any way.

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