Absolute Protection

June 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

I had asked spirit while using EVPMaker if it was safe for me to do this.  Here is their response:

They were offering me ABSOLUTE PROTECTION !

Doing this kind of work is SAFE.

i might have lost it, but it's never been lost //1

i might have lost it, but it’s never been lost //1 (Photo credit: Shirin Winiger)

1. They are just normal people, not some evil non existent beings ready to harm you.

2. If you prepare yourself beforehand (and you always should) nothing bad will happen EVER.

3. If you fear using you phone because of the possibility of evil spirits calling you, then this work isn’t for you.

EVP work is much the same as using a phone

 What you need to do is lighten up, open up!

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