Another EVPMaker Message

June 20, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

My beloved 13 year old son, Ethan died in 2003 due to mycoplasma pneumonia.  Talk about a devastating loss. It threw me into depression big time.

One night (3AM-the best time) I opened EVPMaker using a new British radio source file and asked if I could hear from or about Ethan.  I was struck by the response.  Don’t know who it was who came through but the message was very clear:

Very Caring people on the other side.  The people who loved you before they died do not stop loving you when they pass. They really are just normal people. I was and still am amazed at the clarity in this message.

Here’s the source file: Download it and give it a try. I recommend downloading it and playing it on your computer.  It’s rather long.

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