Life in many forms

June 6, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

All life is driven by an energy.  We call that energy God, the Soul or Spirit.

That energy is all part of the one force that drives the world.  No living thing is without that energy. Once that energy departs, we still live on, but in that a place where physical bodies are not necessary.

Some of us are born with a sensitivity to feeling, seeing,  and hearing those people who live in that non physical realm some call Heaven.  Others are not.  But I think it’s such a mistake to think that that other world doesn’t exist.  It’s more ALIVE than our world.

There are no “ghosts” but there are physical manifestations of the non living.

I won’t get religious on you here. I do believe in God, but I perceive that Spirit in a whole different way than most.

I hope you can open your minds to all that seems incredible.  Knowing that there is an afterlife eliminates the fear of your own death.  Id doesn’t eliminate the pain when a loved one dies (I’ve lost four children) but the knowledge tat they live on in another realm is comforting.  Knowing that contact is possible makes everything better.


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