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A few years ago,  I heard from a dear friend.  She called because she remembered I was a medium.  A friend of hers had  lost her son. (I didn’t know it was 20 years ago, as it seemed very fresh when I was seeing it.)

He had expressed worry about his safety to her.  That’s all she told me.

So while on the phone I went deep.  I talked while I saw what was happening.  I was searching for what he looked like.  I heard “SANDY” and I said I think he has sandy hair, and my friend said, “No he didn’t, but his mother’s name IS Sandy.”  Sometimes you interpret a clue incorrectly.

I also got the name “Steven.”  Thought maybe it was the name of one of the killers, but…

I saw that he was in a brick building in a city, on the second or third floor. It was night and he was sitting at his desk by the window doing some paperwork.  Looking out the window I saw I four or five black cars pull up to the curb. Several men in black suits and black hats came out and entered the building.

He saw them coming. They came upstairs and each man took out a knife and started stabbing him. and he died. I saw an older gentleman was with him in spirit when he departed.

I also told her to expect to see things like pennies dropped in weird places.  That these were from her son.

I learned after the mom got the message that Randy was a psychologist.

This is what I told my friend to tell her friend. 

A couple days later I got an IM from my friend, having delivered the info to the mom.  Here’s what she  reported the mom telling her:

“Amy the older man with Randy who you were talking to was his Grandfather Marvin and the pennies Sandy  finds all the time …on her floor. 
He was stabbed 27 times and for the last 20 years she has been sleepless with worry about suffering the repeated stabbings.
She was very relieved to here he crossed over quickly and with not remembrance of  pain.  She was also very happy when I told her he was with his grandfather.  The Steven guy you asked about, was his best friend across the street from the house Randy grew up in.  He died three years after Randy was killed.
The guy Randy was counseling was the States Atty General and the governor called Sandy to say that he was going to bring in the FBI to investigate, but all the records and evidence were missing.Which means organized crime”
This was a gratifying case for me. It’s not something I do often anymore.  I will, on occasion,  but I don’t seek this kind of work. 


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