How EVPMaker works/worked

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EVPMaker works by taking a source sound file and chopping it up into little bits of human speech called allophones.  You can hear what allophones are here:

Spirits are able to take those bits of speech and put them together to create words and sentences. (only if you prepare to receive them in advance!)  Here is the source background sound that I always used.  It is a recording of a German radio show.  I figured that people would be less likely to believe my results if I used an English radio show. I don’t speak German.

Please note that It had been recommended that one use a microphone when recording evp. The idea was that spirit could use a mike to talk over the recorded chopped up source sounds. I didn’t have one back then. There are many good examples online where spirits talk using a microphone over the source sounds.  All the EVP files I present here were created without a microphone electronically. Thus, no contaminating noises.

Here’s a British radio show recording that I also used for a source sound.  These are in MP# format.  EVPMAker only accepts WAV.  So either convert the file at  or email me for it.

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