How my son Jeremy survived his accident

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In October of 2010, my 17 year old son, Jeremy, who has Down Syndrome and then functioned like a 4-5 year old got his hands on the keys to my car and took it for a joyride.

He’d never driven a car, nor should he be doing so, The police found him driving erratically and shot him three times. Miraculously Jeremy lived. Today he’s a big 21 year old and works at a Goodwill donation store. Learned his lesson well!

We had been saying that Jeremy must have had angels helping him. Here’s proof.
Maybe not angels, but surely loved ones from the other side!

I was amazed at the content of the PX session I had right after the incident.

Here is part of it:

PX: Blessed All. Story Moment
PX: Highway officer gun camera light…… (the traffic camera actually did capture the incident)
PX: Chase auto
PX:  Happier Assist (meaning happy to assist?)
PX: Story learn  
PX: Holiday Light!

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