How to make your own Spirit Cam

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Notice I don’t call it a “ghost cam.” The term “ghost ” leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  People and People, dead or alive.

I never wanted to stick a camera in a tree and aim it at a castle door.  My emphasis has always been on communication, not sensationalism.

I can only tell you how I constructed mine.  I got my old panasonic night shot video camera and put it on a tripod and turned the camera on it’s side.  I aimed it into a tv that we were no longer using. This causes feedback.  It’s in the feedback that you find the images.

But there’s the problem.  The images are fleeting. Just flashes, really.  So you need a way to slow them down.  The only way I could figure that out was to place my computer video cam where it would capture what was on the tv.  I would use a program named Homewatcher on my computer to capture the images.  Then I’d come back after a while, save the file and painstakingly  search for images. *note, you only get still images with this method.

It’s not a real pleasant job, especially if you have  a dozen kids at home.  I’m posting this in case you were wondering how to create one. Nowadays I would feel it’s a waste of time. I would think using the water technique would be far easier.

Look here for info on how to do water spirit communication

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