Pictures captured from on old TV

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I used to love searching the web for photos of spirits that had appeared on folks’ tv screens. I thought it was so cool. I certainly wasn’t getting any.  I wasn’t sure if that were possible, so I wondered if just taking regular photos of a tv could give you similar results.

This was several years ago and the only tv we had at the time was an old 30 inch tube deal.  We have 9 kids (out of 17) still living at home, and someone at that time had knocked the thing over and cracked the screen a bit in the upper left corner. It still worked , but there was a foggy crazy colors spot in that corner.

So, not expecting much, I prepared myself for spirit contact (meditation, asking for spirit help. etc.)  and started clicking.

I can’t impress on you enough the role of preparation in all of your requests for  spirit contact. (Do you really think they are just hanging around just waiting for you to contact them?)

A little explanation before I show you the pic.  When I was 5 my very loved grandfather, Ed McWhirter, died.  I was in bed and he appeared at the foot of my bed, smiling at me.  He’s been with me my entire adult life in spirit. Many contacts, dreams, etc. I didn’t get to know him well at age 5, but I feel I have done that over the past 62 years.

Here’s the unedited pic that resulted on my first try:

taken before he left for WWI in Germany

taken before he left for WWI in Germany

See the blue man’s face?  I was shocked.  It WAS my grandfather. I have pasted an image of him right before he went to Germany to the right for comparison. See the receding hairline, the nose, the chin?  It’s him.  If you look to the right of Ed you can see my grandmother, Ina’s face as well.

I haven’t been able to capture anything yet on an LCD screen.  I have a feeling the spirits are trying to find a way  to do that!

Give it a shot if you have an old tube tv, and if you get results with an LCD screen please let me know!

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