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pxdevice The PX from is by far my absolute favorite tool for contact.  Yes, it’s not the newest, but WOW. It never fails to amaze me.  It’s just a box with a list of words in a database.  I can’t remember how many but it’s something like 1,000?  I have a list of the words.

Supposedly the spirit sets off a frequency that corresponds with one of the words included.  That’s all it was for me at first.  Just pretty dull. Then… …those on the other side began to use words that were not in the word database. And every good communication started with the phrase “Blessed Be.”   (Neither Blessed nor Be are words in the included px dictionary.)

I called Bill Chappell, the creator and asked about this phenomena.  He stated that he called it “combining.”  That it happened frequently. Spirits take parts of the words in the database and create new words, or actually just input their own words. Now this probably sounds like woo woo.

How can a box with a database of words create words that aren’t in the database?  It’s simple…It CAN’T, unless a spirit figures out how to use it for more than it was intended. Those in spirit have simply grown in their ability to use it.

“Blessed Be” at the beginning of my PX conversations I believe is from a spirit guide, one who helps with the communications.  One who only allows good folks to come through.

I have never recorded my spirit communications using the PX.  I don’t know why. I should start. I should also get easier to use recording equipment!  These tiny digital recorders are a pain in the neck. I’d like a pro microphone to just connect directly into my computer. I’ll get on that soon.

You won’t get results right away, but with practice you will. It might take some time for the spirits to find out you have one!

Bill doesn’t make these original px’s anymore.  If you find one for sale snap it up.

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