The Ouija Board-A Tool, not a Evil Portal into Hell

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A modern ouija board plus planchette

A modern ouija board plus planchette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sister and I were very close as children.  I was always interested in the paranormal world (although I called it “spooky stuff” back then.)  My sister?  not so much.  But she did indulge me in using the ouija board.  I knew it was a real means of communication when we began conversing with a guy named JED.

Jed had been born in the mid 1700s around Philadelphia.  He was married to a woman who was quite plump he said.  He told us about driving an open wagon with his wife and another woman from eastern Pennsylvania westward. Talked about the “Indians” he met along the way, soldiers,  the road houses he stayed in and generally everything about that trip. He loved his “likker.”

It was fascinating for us as the story unfolded.  Neither of us could have made that story up. I think we scared my mother, though.  At first she thought we were making it up, and alter, I think she started to believe it “wasn’t good for us.”

I put it under my bed and forgot about it.  Then my psychic abilities really took off. I knew I had them, but the board had somehow attracted “teachers” in spirit to me. So many clear dreams, as real as this life. I began experiencing previous lives. (another subject I’ll go into soon.)  The visitations began in force, and I was initiated through spirit in the ways of that world.

There is virtually nothing different about those in spirit.  Some spirits stay in a age when they passed away.  Others learn more and more and keep learning always. Most, when I see them are about 35 or so in appearance. Prime of life.  That’s what they want to be.

If you want psychic ability or help in learning how to contact the other side, ask for teachers.  They abound!

Do I wish all this hadn’t been part of my life plan?  No Way.  I love this life. I’m never alone or far from help. People mayu doubt me, but I don’t care. I know what I know. And it’s all good.

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