Uninvited Visitor

July 8, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

So it’s like 5 AM and I’m sitting here at the computer in the den.  Why?  I just got a big scare. I won’t sleep anymore tonight.

My husband and I have adopted a LOT of disabled kids in addition to the three that we gave birth to.  Most of those kids have Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida.  I was sleeping on my right side facing the french doors when I heard a familiar shuffling. I thought it was my Jennifer, who often comes into the room to say goodnight. So I wondered why she was coming in here so late (or early as it was.) She shuffled across the room to the side of the bed where I was.

I mumbled “Hi Jennifer” and opened my eyes. NOT Jennifer!  A very large man!  Solid as heck.

I have a rule with spirits. DO NOT BOTHER ME WHEN I”M SLEEPING!  I don’t mind the little whispers in my ear so much, but Puhleeese!  This guy was about 7 feet tall. He vanished after I sent him some nasty thoughts.

Am I afraid of spirits? No.  

 Am I afraid of large men who break into my home when I’m sleeping?  You bet! Spirit or not.

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