Using Dowsing Rods for Communication

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Dowsing for unmarked graves

Dowsing for unmarked graves (Photo credit: reynolds.james.e)

Recently Steve Huff of posted about his new dowsing rods.

Looking at Steve’s rods they seems to be made of chrome, brass or some other silvery metal.  I wanted ones with the best conductivity possible, so I bought some cheap copper rods on ebay. They came yesterday

lute BEST tools available. Nice to have in your paranormal toolbox.

they seemed to be of steel, brass or some silver metal.  I wanted ones that would be more conductive and found copper ones on ebay.  They came yesterday and they have impressed me very much.

Here’s the thing about dowsing rods.  You can make them swing just by tilting the angle of the rods and gravity takes over.  Then you might get fooled into thinking it’s a real communication. You absolutely need to put your fists together and hold them so the rods are sticking out perpendicular to the ground. Keep your eyes on your fists to make sure they stay that way and watch the rods with your peripheral vision.

I think it would also be best to have someone watching you when you use them so they can tell you if you tipped the rods or kept them straight. I’m all about eliminating doubt about my results. That’s why I love EVPmaker so much.

It also takes the spirit you have with you a bit of time to learn how to use them. Give it to them.  Applaud them when they do it correctly to your requests.

Dowsing rods are good tools, but not the Best tools.  I like the ones that are less “suggestive” and not open to interpretation.


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