“We Are All Here”

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ethanoutside (1)I had asked the spirits around me to see if they could locate my son Ethan, who died at age 13, and my grandfather Ed McWhirter.  I asked also for any other relatives to come use the EVPMaker software.  Here’s the initial response:

With EVPMaker you had to listen in a couple different ways to hear the message,  Sometimes the spirit created a sentence directly, as in “please think of us as normal people.  In this particular file you have to listen to the voice ABOVE the sound file.  Listen a couple times until you hear it.

Here’s another file.  I had asked if I could use this software to help others contact their own relatives.  If I could serve the living here on Earth like that.  IN this file you really have to listen way above the generated allophones to hear what it says.  It’s a different voice.

He seems to be saying “I think that this could happen…If you  ?Feel cautious?

What do you think?

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