What those in spirit want us to know

June 13, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

When I first started using the amazing piece of software known as EVPMaker, one of the very first messages I received was this:

“Please think of us as Normal People”

Now, having had many experiences in my life previously, I was already aware of that fact.  But to hear a message from the other side confirming what I already knew was priceless.  I think what I was being reminded of is that there are no demons or scary monsters out there to harm you during contact.  It’s something we all should take top heart. Normal people who just happen to live in another dimension, where we all will end up someday.

EVPMaker was a great tool for me for years.  When I upgraded to a 64 bit computer, however, the software stopped producing results for me.  I need to figure out to make it work again, because the messages I received were awesome.

You can still get a copy of the software by searching online. It’s free. If you can get it to work on a 64 bit machine let me know!

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