What’s it like being a Medium?

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Folks wonder what it’s like being a medium.  Other people wonder if they can become a medium.  Here are my thoughts on that.

I personally never studied to become a medium. I have kept up to date with all things spiritual. I particularly follow everything related to THE SECRET and the ABRAHAM messages. I have found The Secret to be one of the most important teachings in my life, psychic or otherwise. So many good things have come my way because of those teachings.

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I studied to  become a Presbyterian minister in the 70’s.  I have had dreams about being a priest in another life. (YES, I believe in reincarnation.  I remember too many previous lives not to believe.) Then my ministry turned in another direction when we adopted a baby boy with a cleft palate who came to the USA on the “Babylift”  We started adopting other disabled infants and children from Korea and the USA. We ended up with a family that now includes  17 children. All are adults now, but 9 still live at home.  Four other children now live in heaven.

I learned a lot in the two years I was at seminary.

I have a strong Christan faith but also a deep respect for other religious beliefs as well, particularly Budhism.  In the end you don’t need a faith in anything to be a medium.  You only need a strong belief in life after death. The spirits around you will make that perfectly clear if you have any psychic abilities at all.

Spirits are around me all the time, but I feel them more at night, when my consciousness.  Some nights I have so many visitors that I have to tell them to go away.

If you want to experience this, just wait until about 3AM.  Sit in a chair and close your eyes and breath deeply, slowly and every tme you breath out think relax. Eventually you will be so relaxed that you will be in a light trance (or a deep one if you truly have abilities.)

Then just ask for others near you to whisper in your ear. Sometimes you will actually hear the whisper n your ear and other times you will hear the spirit’s voice in your mind. Trust it.  Write down the message.  It just might be real. Then again, it might not.

Contacting  another spirit usually is simple.  You go very deep into trance by relaxing until you see or hear the spirit. I’m more like to hear them, when when I ask about what they look like or anything else they describe that to me. I rarely get images.

People who know you are a medium sometimes expect unreasonable things from you, like will my baby be a girl or a boy? I have a 50% chance of getting that answer correct, but I will decline on that request.  If someone asks for information on a dead person, I can usually get it through trance work., IF  the spirit on the other side wants to cooperate. Sometimes they won’t.

I have in the far past, channeled spirits, but I don’t like that at all.  It requires giving away control of your body to another. I don’t think you should ever do that.  There are bad folks on the other side, too, you know. Don’t do it.

This is not magic. It is science.  Preparing yourself prior to contact is essential. Say a prayer of protection or just ask your guides to protect you from harm.  Not to do so is inviting people into your home that you wouldn’t want to associate with.

The hardest thing a medium has to live with is that loved ones don’t always believe in you abilities. My own husband of 45 years doesn’t believe in them or anything spiritually related.  I personally think the whole thing scares him and I let that go as much as I can.  Some people believe, others simply cannot. Be prepared for it to hurt a lot when someone you love doesn’t believe what you tell them can be true. That can be quite painful.  It’s like me saying to him he isn’t intelligent when he is. It is what it is and I can’t stay mad at him for that because our love is so strong.


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